Business & Information Systems Consultants

Business & Information Systems Consultants (BISC) provides companies in the Manufacturing, Distribution and Service sectors with professional advice based on years of operating and consultancy work with hundred's of satisfied customers. Founded in 1992, the company has thrived because we can offer flexible, focused support at rates that are well below the major consultancies.  We can operate profitably at these rates because each consultant is self motivated by his reputation to provide excellent service and to do it without extensive marketing budgets or high profile advertising campaigns plus only the minimum of administrative staff. Our specialist areas include:-

Business Strategy - get the vision and objectives right and your staff know the target.

Process Specification - define your processes and specify appropriate new support systems.

Change Management - make the change happen on time and within budget.

Performance Improvement - tune processes to provide better service at lower cost.

Business Education - motivate staff to embrace change by helping them understand the principles.

Publications - reference works to enable staff to learn and use key business concepts

The Cell Simulator - visualise and model new processes with our practical Lego© based toolbox.

We have many good case histories illustrating companies transforming their performance with our support.  Check on our Hot Issues or call us and talk over your challenges.  Use BISC help to bring fresh minds to an issue or to address skill and resource shortage problems.

Business Survey

BISC is conducting a new marketing survey so we can better understand our customers and meet their needs on the Web. Please take a minute to complete the survey.

Contact Information

Please phone, fax or e-mail us concerning any issues which you wish to address or queries you may have about our services.

Telephone - +44 (0)1737 222119, - Fax +44 (0)8701 314687, Skype - billseldon

Postal address - 10 Park Lane, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 8JX,

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