Business Education

Change will not be successful unless your staff embrace it readily.  The most effective way to ensure that they do is to educate them to understand the concept that is driving the change and involve them in thinking through the potential it has to improve business and their contribution to it.

Key Benefits from using BISC


BISC have been involved in business education for many years and hundreds of companies and organisations have benefited from using us to clarify and enhance the knowledge their staff need.  Some of these sessions have used our standard presentations on such topics as 'Business Systems' or 'Just in Time'.  Many more have chosen to work with us to customise presentations to their specific requirements. Education services can range from one off occasions to programmes designed to cover a whole group of staff.  They can also be highly focused short half day sessions through to extended courses of five days or more. 

Some recent examples have included:

Business Planning

A small company was implementing a new ERP system and wanted to move towards an integrated business planning approach.  A one day course was designed and presented by our expert to provide the key staff with a clear view of the potential of better planning using the functionality in the system.  The day also included a workshop where the staff discussed how to use the functions and gave them a kick start in the implementation process.

ERP Systems

A major European software house needed to educate their graduate intake into the concepts behind ERP systems and the way in which their software implemented them.  BISC developed a bespoke modular course that was presented in day long phases over a number of weeks to brief them on all aspects of the ERP business system.  The new staff were fully involved in a number of workshops and in an ongoing business game that taught them a little about the business issues as well as the software and all scored well on a comprehensive exam at the end of the course.

Real-Time Control

A major international healthcare company implemented a real-time shop floor control system and wished to explain the way in which the system worked to the entire shift production staff, including engineers and quality controllers.   Our consultant created a highly focused education session that was presented to two hundred staff and enabled the new system to be adopted smoothly with immediate benefits in lower scrap and better customer service.

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