Cell Simulator

Most managers agree that carrying out activities in focused process cells is beneficial.   The quality and speed of service is better and the costs are lower.  Staff are involved and motivated to improve because they are working in close liaison with their colleagues in the service.  The only question is how to select the right scope and layout for the cell and how best to implement the new approach.

The BISC Cell Simulation kit provides the ideal way to evaluate new options, to refine layout and to develop working procedures.  What is more all this can be done with the staff who will work in the cell.  This hands on approach gives them real ownership of the solution and enables them to visualise the new cell before expensive decisions are taken on new equipment and layout.

This approach has been proven in hundreds of companies, across Europe, Asia and America who have reaped significant benefits in all areas.  Although it uses physical 'bricks' to represent a product or service, this works equally well for those companies providing a service as it does for companies making products.

The kit comes with full instructions for use and three standard versions (Sell from stock, Configure to requirements and Make to order).  Our consultant will also spend one day with you to train your trainers and explain how to customise the versions to suit your particular environment.

Kit Contents

Cost £2,900 plus VAT and travelling expenses.

Send for further details or talk to us about it's use in your company.