Change Management

Even when a new vision has been established and the way forward specified, all the related business processes and systems will have to be changed to make it effective.   This can be a major change project and must be professionally managed.

Key Benefits of using BISC


BISC project managers are all trained in the disciplines needed to ensure success and have experience of rescuing projects that were getting bogged down in the whirlpool of business demands.  Firstly you must resolve the dilemma; do you use your own project staff and suffer the loss in current trading, or do you hire staff who know nothing of your business? Fortunately our consultants have worked in businesses like yours so the learning curve is short and steep and they will liaise with your staff to minimise the impact on their time.  Then you must cope with the changes to the business environment that occur during the project.  Again our consultants can rapidly evaluate the impact of change and amend plans to incorporate necessary changes.  You must also cope with the problem of 'end of project' staff with no specific job to go to.  This is minimised because our project managers will have trained your staff in the professional disciplines necessary and can therefore be deployed in new projects or to act as well trained line managers.

Business System Implementation

A major pharmaceutical company had overgrown it's internal systems and having selected a new enterprise system needed to implement it quickly and effectively.  A BISC project manager was able to join the in house project team and get the system up and running in three months to enable a new subsidiary to start from day 1 with the new system, thus saving a difficult start up using old systems  and then transferring to the new system, with all the confusion that would cause amongst staff and customers.

Inventory Control

A major first tier supplier to the automotive industry had lost control over it's inventory.  Although BISC had specified and selected a new business system.  Corporate affairs were delaying implementation. so the consultant was retained to implement a PC based inventory system on a local area network.  This was achieved within four weeks and enabled the company to rapidly improve service to it's key car assembly customers and also regain control of the component stores.

Shop Floor Control Systems

An international healthcare company needed to control shop floor activities in order to maintain throughput, to accurately identify product and to achieve MCA validation.   The BISC consultant took over the project management of the initiative which included the development and testing of the  process control software and it's integration with Labelling equipment also controlled by bespoke software writing product records to an Oracle database and the interface to the companies AS/400 based business system over a wide area network.   The system was successfully implemented and validated and is now providing significant savings on 24 x 7 operation. 

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