Business Strategy

Companies must continually re-invent themselves if they are to continue to compete in the new millennium.  This involves entrepreneurial vision combined with a pragmatic judgement of what is achievable.

Key Benefits


BISC consultants have extensive knowledge of both running companies and of advising at board level.  They are therefore familiar with the corporate pressures to constantly redesign and improve, but can temper this with the experience of having established and implemented new strategies, with all the problems and pitfalls that lie in wait for innovators.

A brief description of some recent work follows:-

Distribution Strategy

This international computer peripheral manufacturer wanted to improve the service that they offered to their customers right across Europe and at the same time reduce the working capital employed.  Our consultant led staff to develop a radical new strategy, supported both manufacturing and the European distributors.  This has now been implemented and saved the company £8 million working capital whilst customer service is over 98%.

Business Intelligence Strategy

A leading European printing group was concerned that the head office staff did not have access to consistent and timely information to support business decisions.  The BISC consultant reviewed existing systems and reporting requirements and recommended a new approach using a Data Warehouse to cleanse and collate all company information to be accessed by an end user analysis tool with ready made reporting templates.

Internet Strategy

A company distributing it's products through wholesalers needed to agree a company strategy on it's approach to the Internet.  The  consultant reviewed their marketplace and using his knowledge of the web technologies available was able to guide them through the options open to them and the likely impact on their relationships with key customer and their wholesalers to enable them  to come to a decision.

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