There is nothing like the crisp printed page as a reference and information medium. Despite the convenience of the web, it is easier and more pleasant to read or flick through a book. BISC publish a number of handbooks, guides and papers that are focused on manufacturing and distribution topics. These distil years of consulting experience and best practice into a concise and easily assimilated format, with clear diagrams and graphs where appropriate. They are all indexed and cross-referenced to facilitate searches.

We also collaborate with our sister company 'Business-Library' to reccommend books covering all the major business topics of today. So for more information on business issues and the books that address them click on this link. Alternatively page down to review the BISC publications.

Contact BISC to order a copy. Current publications include:-


How to Manage Inventory Effectively

Bill Seldon. (published by AVLP Ltd. ISBN 1-899960-11-2)

An easy to use reference book on all aspects of managing stock. Lists over a hundred key 'How Do I' questions and provides inventory management professionals with a simple explanation of the topic and the steps needed to achieve best inventory practice. Covers inventory concepts, processes, techniques, forecasting and performance measurement.

May also be ordered through AVLP Ltd Tel: 0161 929 1194

Manufacturing Systems - Evaluation and Implementation

Co-authored by Rod Moulding & Bill Seldon. (Originally published by CMI. ISBN 1-897977-92-1). Now revised and updated 2002.

A comprehensive book on the scope of and justification for using an Enterprise Resource Planning system. It will help the reader understand the different modules that are available, define which modules and functions are needed to run a business effectively, how to specify and select appropriate software and how to implement it quickly and gain benefits from it's use.


Lead Time Concepts

Author Bill Seldon, 2002

This paper provides a comprehensive breakdown of a product life-cycle. It covers the time needed to bring a product to market, to manufacture it, to distribute it and to end it's life as a supported or recycled article. Clear diagrams for each phase of it's life make this an essential guide to those charged with leading lead time reduction programmes or implementing ERP systems where a good understanding of each of the time factors and events is needed to avoid stock build up and poor response.

Business Planning Concepts

Author Bill Seldon, 2002

This paper provides the reader with a clear overview of an effective planning hierarchy to control the operation of a business. It covers planning at the Strategic, Business and Functional levels, together with the way in which resource planning and advanced scheduling can be used to validate the plans and the feedback loops required to check the execution of the plans and schedules generated.

Just-in-Time Principles

Author Bill Seldon, 1999

This manual summarises the key principles of JIT and provides a step by step guide to introducing it in any working environment. The major techniques that can be used to reduce waste and time are covered so that readers can plan an implementation programme to achieve a continuous improvement in business performance. References to other established and proven publications provide access to further detailed information on the key techniques.


Logistics, The Enabling Strategy of the Lean Enterprise

Author Bill Seldon, 1995

This paper was presented to the 2nd International Symposium on Logistics in 1995. It positions Logistics strategy within the hierarchy of strategic planning and outlines an improved approach to supply chain planning. It focuses on the need to ensure that raw demand data is provided to succeeding levels of the supply chain to avoid the 'Bullwhip' fluctuations seen as each planner adds additional 'safety' adjustments as the demand is passed back up the chain.

'Team Locks Itself into Cell'

Author Bill Seldon, 1995

A paper given to the 1995 BPICS Conference describing how De La Rue, Counting Products introduced cell manufacturing into the company using an education programme for all staff involved in production, engineering and design.

'Safety First' with MRPII and Kanban

Co-authored by Terry Epps and Bill Seldon, 1993

A paper given to the 1993 BPICS Conference describing the successful selection and implementation of a new business system in Centurion Safety Products and the method changes introduced at the same time to radically reduce lead times and stock.

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