Process Specification

To get to your destination, you need a map.  Process specification is the development of a business map of how to carry out the task:

Key Benefits of using BISC


BISC specification projects range from major new business systems down to specific system requirements to support an activity.  We work with your staff to define the best value adding process and turn it into a practical system requirement.  A brief description of some of these is given below.

Business Systems Specification

A major UK generic drug pharmaceutical manufacturer had grown rapidly to the stage where the existing systems were constraining growth.  Our consultant captured current processes and developed alternate approaches.   A staff project team then determined the best practice to support the emerging market requirements.  This was turned into a detailed systems specification for submission to potential suppliers.

Supply Chain Systems Specification

A UK automotive component supplier found his systems unable to comply with the demands of the car assembly companies for full EDI communication and integrated planning.   We rapidly specified the requirements and educated the project team to understand the new concepts so that they could check the detailed specification that was sent to a short list of competent software vendors.

Bar Code Despatch Specification

This major international consumer healthcare company needed an easier way to despatch goods to their customers.  The BISC consultant specified a comprehensive bespoke system based on radio data bar code terminals which not only prompted the pick list for each driver, based on fair share rules, but also generated bespoke despatch documentation and was interfaced to the main order processing system to complete the despatch  process.

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